If the Hirer is in any doubt as to the meaning of ANY of the following, the Booking Secretary should be consulted immediately
Please read this; it is important! By booking Institute facilities you are making a legally binding contract that obliges you to abide by these conditions and to pay the hire and other charges set out herein. These conditions are intended to balance and protect the interests of all users, the residents of Groombridge and the Institute itself and to ensure so far as possible that all activities are safe and within the law. Whilst the Institute will always endeavour to provide safe facilities and maintain reasonable standards of cleanliness it must be appreciated that the Institute premises are not subject to full-time supervision and that all users have to rely upon mutual co-operation and consideration.
Revised 25th January 2017

Click here to read full conditions includes plan of hall

Groombridge VillageHall is the holder of  a premises licence issued by Wealden District Council,(WEA/LN/00002805), a bar can either by your own licensee (Which must be approved by us - we will need proof of that persons license or you may obtain a TEN (Temporary Events Notice - for £21) via  the following link below.

You will need Adobe Acrobat reader to complete online or you can print off and send it.  Wealden asks for at least 10 days to process.  Please send a copy to booking secretary of either a TEN or Licensee' s Licence

Please note any bar requirements at Groombridge Village Hall must be located in the Club Room as per the various policies